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We are only $44,390 away from our target goal of $3,900,000 !

Southern Health-Santé Sud has received approval to issue the call for tenders for the Tabor Home project. The advertisement will appear in the Free Press on Saturday, January 24, 2014.

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Tabor Home Inc. is a 60 bed accredited  personal care home located in Morden, Manitoba.  Tabor Home offers a holistic care approach, recognizing the unique nature of individuals and promotes an environment where residents can feel trust, comfort and a sense of well-being. As a Christian faith-based facility, Tabor Home considers Spiritual Care to be an essential part of the holistic care that is provided for the Residents. Tabor Home offers 24 hour professional nursing services;  nutritious and delicious home cooked meals; excellent housekeeping & laundry services; a variety of daily activities, Hairdressing services; Cable TV and telephone services; Adult Day Program; a 12 bed Alternative Needs Area (Tabor Haven) that has been set up for the unique needs of those residents experiencing difficulties in the areas of perception, thought and memory;  the Millennium Garden which is a beautiful enclosed courtyard; excellent volunteer participation from the community.

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New Tabor Home on the Way! 

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”    ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Tabor Home has received approval from Manitoba Health to proceed to the Contract Documents and Specifications stage for the new 80 bed Tabor Home Personal Care Home and 20 beds Supportive Housing. Approval to proceed to tender is contingent upon the final Class “A”  costing remaining within budget and an approval from central government. In order to achieve cost savings and to keep the project moving forward, several items were removed from the scope of the project such as resident gardens, some of the landscaping, staff parking lot paving, some inside and all outside furniture at a cost of approximately $1 million to date.  There were no cuts to programs or square footage.

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