July 2015



Picture by Joey Grenier

front entrance

Front Entrance


House Kitchenette


Tabor Home is designed as a community with 5 houses in 2 neighbourhoods and an uptown area.  To help with way-finding the houses are named Aspen, Birch, Cedar, Dogwood and Elm. The Crocus lounge is at the center of the Aspen, Birch, and Cedar neighbourhood. The Sunflower lounge is at the center of the Dogwood and Elm neighborhood. All residents have their own room and washroom. Each house of 20 residents has a kitchen for snack and coffee preparation, a dining room where residents eat their meals, a living room for socializing and activities, and a secure outdoor garden. There is also a spa room for bathing in every house.

A Salon, Café, Spiritual Care area and Community Centre for church services and larger group activities are all located in the uptown area.

Tabor Home is equipped with an efficient, environmentally friendly geothermal system for heating and cooling.

As a Christian faith-based facility, Tabor Home considers Spiritual Care to be an essential part of the holistic care that is provided for the Residents.